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We provide training qualifications which offer job and self employment solutions while increasing environmental sustainability by planting trees for every course successfully completed and certificate issues.

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What Makes Kutambua Special?

Kutambua provides training and links learners to trainers through online and other creative models.


Who we are

Kutambua is an online training and employment platform project aimed at offering Positive Action Training and Recruitment Agency for African and Caribbean Development.
Kutambua brings together educators, institutions, learners, and communities together to access skills development and job opportunities by reducing the barriers and challenges they face.
Kutambua focuses on transitioning young people from low-end jobs and declining occupations to jobs of the future.
Kutambua partners include PATRA Inc ACDA, Fearless Youth Association (FYA), Youth Future Lab, Mojatu Foundation and Tailored Education and Community Consulting Service (TECCS).

What we do

Kutambua provides online courses, and jobs listing with face-to-face, hybrid, and online training, mentoring, and employment support services.
We link job seekers with employers while supporting them with training, mentoring, and resources necessary in helping them to succeed in their career development.
We provide pastoral care, digital and language skills, and resources to help individuals succeed in the training programmes.
Kutambua is addressing the changing global demand in skills by supporting people to develop Health, STEM, Business, Management and Creative arts skills and accessing jobs in these sectors.
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Tree planting for sustainable environment

As part of our commitment to a sustainable way of living, Kutambua plants 5 trees for every certificate we issue upon successful completion of our courses.
As with every skilled young person we support will become the resources for growing and sustainable communities, every tree planted grows into a vital carbon store, helping to reduce our environmental impact and restore biodiversity.
This makes the courses completion and certification a means by which we offer Carbon Positive Outcomes- taking out more carbon from the atmosphere than was used to make your learning available to you.